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    It’s important to be alone sometimes.

    The amazing Alain Du Botton argues that it is not possible for any of us to be truly sane. All of us are burdened in some way by psychological harms. The most caring and well meaning of parents will still bequeath us with some kind of baggage, if only through the impact of managing their own and the world will add to that as we survive the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Horrors and heartbreaks will come to the most blessed of lives. No one is safe. No one is sane. The best we can aim for, he says,…

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    Don’t forget to take your Agnus Castus.

    Or do, you know, if you’re a guy or if you’re a girl who’s not bothered by bouts of depression and sudden rage during the build up to your monthly visitation. If you are…TAKE YOUR GOD DAMNED AGNUS CASTUS. For…

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    The many Apocalypses we live through.

    Apocalypse (noun) : An event which results in great destruction and world changing consequences. If you didn’t learn that we are, if you are reading this, living through an apocalypse right at this very moment, what have you been doing…

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    What makes you Happy?

    Someone asked me this question the other day and I found myself largely incapable of answering.  As usual, I over-complicated the question.  My brainium instantaneously accessed ‘The Art of Happiness’ by the Dalai Lama, which I read years ago, and raised philosophical…

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    The Generational Cycle of body shame.

    I went on my first diet when I was sixteen. I gained weight during puberty. My mother had tried to persuade me that it’s normal for women to have a rounded lower belly. But I wanted to lose weight and…

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    I put the Pro in Procrastination.

    Good Morning. Here I am, sat at my computer writing a blog. I’ve written a lot of those lately. It’s been fun, some of you have written to tell me how much you’ve enjoyed them. Thank you! I’m so pleased.…

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    Why am I so het up about my age?

    If there is one event in my life for which I fear I may be going to hell, it is the one that I am about to relate to you. It would have been about two years ago, I think.…

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