My husband has been thinking about this for years.  Almost since we were married he’s had a fantasy that the world will end and we will be left alone to find our way in the world without worrying about money or jobs, just growing vegetables, snaring rabbits and fishing.  Although he refers frequently to the zombie apocalypse there never seems to be any zombies in our rural idyll, just simple labour and simple pleasures.

Do I believe that the world will end this year?  Honestly?  I want to say ‘not really’ but then my paranoia tells me that the world will then definitely end just to spite me so I’m going to say ‘I don’t know’.

Not everyone belives that 2012 means an end to everything, many believe it’s the dawning of a new era, if you place that beside the dawning of the age of aquarious, a change could be a good thing.  An opportunity for the world to become a better place.  I also know how hard that is to believe.  It’s hard to believe in any concept that is beautiful.

So it must be a hard end.  A bitter, bloody end.  A missile falling from the sky and laying waste to the earth in a nucear winter.

We look out on a world riven by war.  We value pride over prudence and lay waste to the natural world in the name of aquisition.  We care not what our ever increasing population of children and grandchildren will have to face when we are gone as long as we are comfortable now.  We care more about bodies than morals and riches than wisdom.  We live in a cold cruel world.

The question you need to ask however is, as dark as all this appears, is it darker now than ever it was?  Didn’t those alive during the world wars and the cold wars inevitably feel the darkness?  Has anything changed in the world? Or has something changed in us?  Have we given up hope?  Or have we rediscovered it? Can we no longer abide to accept that this is how things are and we must make the best of it? Do we believe that something earth shattering needs to happen to shake man out of his stupor and to see the world for what it is?  Do we fear the end of it all or do we welcome it?

If we welcome it, is it not because we desire change?  That somewhere in our dark hearts we want an end to all of the crazy and just to have a chance start again?

In a deck of tarot cards there is death.  It is not however a literal death.  It is change.


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