On friday I went out for dinner with my other half. It wasn’t a plan. I’d planned something healthy but he came home and fancied Chinese food, we then discussed a take-away but while sitting pawing over the menu, beer in hand, plans changed again and we begged for a table. After dinner we came home and drank more beer thus the evening passed by without any writing being done.

On Saturday I had a hair appointment, I needed to drop some boots off to be repaired, I needed to pop in to see my mother and it was our works Christmas do and so the day passed by without any writing being done.

On Sunday I had a hangover. I took some hair of the dog after brunch in the late morning. I don’t really need to say anymore do I?

The trouble with writing in your spare time while trying to build up a career is that spare time can so easily fly by. It disappears, swooping through the window like the budgie that your parents hurriedly replaced when you were a child so as not to have to break the news to you. That’s not to say that leisure time isn’t valid, the stuff of life is the stuff of writing and you need to get out there and experience it but time is so precious abd a break in the routine can result in days of lost work.

My New Years resolution is to write every day. Regardless.

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