Over the holiday season I watched ‘Julie & Julia’, that movie could have been made for me to watch. if you’ve not seen it, I won’t give the story away, but the lead character is an underacheiver who never sticks at anything, the movie follows her as she tries to stick to her plan of cooking every recipe in the Julia Child’s book of french cookery in one year. As you can imagine she learns a great deal along the way and not just about cooking.

I have a bad habit of starting projects and not finishing them. Particularly when it comes to my writing. I have a new idea for a story everytime I go on holiday. My werewolf romance has a possible sequal and as many as two prequals already loitering at the back of my mind. I have a multitude of short story ideas nestling in there as well: end of the world stories, historical drama stories, a neverending cascade of the imaginary. I don’t boast of being a great intellectual. I’m saying these stories will chage the world but they are there nevertheless. I have a head full of tales to tell. My problem is sitting down and keeping at them until they’re done.

Out of all of my projects my favourite is ‘The Hereafter’. It took me years to finish writing it and I’ve been working on the conversion to a comic script for 18 months, repeatedly dragging myself back to it when my focus has wandered. I have promised myself that I will have completed the script by the spring and I even messaged with a potential artist today. I’m excited beyond words at the idea of a big project being completed but I think I’m little bit scared too. If I finish that one, the door opens to finishing others. And if I finish things maybe prople might like them, maybe I can get them published. What if I could actually do this? What if this website isn’t just prententious nonsense and all my projects could come together? What if?

What a question that is. How laden with possibilities.

I am going to ask myself that question everyday. To remind myself that life is about more than the path well travelled. There are always possibilities. What if?

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