It was an odd walk into work for me this morning. Life in general is a bit odd for me at the moment for reasons I propbably should not yet discuss. I find I am drifting through habitual cycles. Going through the motions waiting for a change that is on the crads but not yet formally announced. As I result I am thinking a great deal about my future and I am often disengaged with the present. I am in a permanent state of waiting for something to happen.

It was in this state that I saw a magpie. I have always maintained an odd sense of superstition about magpies ever since my mother annouced that she had seen one the day my grandfather died. Of late that superstition has faded. It faded due to my understanding of why a solitary magpie represenrs sorrow, it is because magpies mate for life and so a solitary magpie is alone. For this reason pairs of magpies were often depicted on Chinese marriage porcelain as representative of love and commitment. This morning, when I saw the magpie, instead of racing on I waited. I saw him (or her) on a tree branch calling so I waited to see who would respond. It wasn’t long before the mate appeared on another branch in another tree not far away. Sorrow was transported into joy for the sake of a few moments of my time.

I found myself thinking about good things and waiting.

I am optimistic about the future but for now I must wait.

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