A few months ago my buddy Neal Mayhem offered to allow me to post on his site provided I could come up with content that was suitable for him. The conversation came around as Fluke Mag which had been happy to regularly post my articles seemed to have gone quiet and I was struggling to get hold of the editor. I needed a new platform and despite appearances Neal is a sucker for a hard luck case. Knowing that, as much as I think he’s a card, many regard Neal’s content as shocking we decided that, in order to liberate me, I would work under a pen name. Chastity McVirtue was born.

Chastity has her own twitter page and her own e-mail and has posted three articles now. The trouble is that Chastity doesn’t have her own personality. I struggle tremendously to develope her as a charater, she’s me, I’m me, there’s no pretence here. I’m far too much myself to slip easily into play acting. I considered giving up on Chastity altogether but after realising that more than half of my posted work is under her name I decided, instead, to some clean.

To me the fact that I can write seriously about society, romantically about love and humorously about sex just shows that I am a well rounded, deep and interesting human being, to others the addition of the final comment has made a less likable human being. I have been unfollowed by ten accounts since I added Chastity to my website. I find myself wondering why that might be the case. Why is that something so common to us all, something so important to us all, something so simple as sex still has this capacity to shock and to horrify?

Personally I think the Chastity articles are funny and I intend to keep writing them.

Please try not to be shocked.

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