I’ve been having some very strange dreams.    Under the circumstances this should not come as a surprise, my sub-concious has a lot to deal with but the last couple of nights I’ve been more aware of my dreams than my sleeping.  As much as I am tired due to the tossing and turning the dreams do appear to be doing me a power of good.  I have been waking feeling clearer in my thoughts and more positive in my outlook but I find myself concerned about what I will dream about tonight.

On Monday I dreamt that I was dancing with Matt Dillon on the streets of a warm foreign country.  He was wearing black trousers and a white T shirt with a red shirt open over the top and a straw trilby style hat, I was in a long floaty dress in bright blue with an orange floral design.  After a while we fell into a bar on the street.  In the bar everything and everyone was beige, from the seating, to the men’s suits, to the chardonnay in the women’s glasses.  We were a dazzle of colour against a bland and formulaic setting.  We didn’t stay.

Last night I dreamt about leaving my job for the last time.  I was saying goodbye to people and some gifts were being exchanged.  Very senior management from the US were there but they were oblivious the situation.  Ignoring the emotional farewells as if nothing was happening.  Suddenly I had explosive diarrhoea, there was a noise like a gun shot and it ran like water.  Lovely.

In an attempt to make sense of my crazy sub-concious I looked up the meaning of some of the themes in my dreams.  Dancing is great sign,  it refers to freedom and harmony.  The colour blue represents wisdom, devotion, truth and optimism for the future. Orange represents hope, sociability, to feeling alive and expanding into new horizons.  Red represents passion and impulsiveness (also sexual urges *cough*).  Beige on the other hand represents the basics.  So as far as I can see this dream is all positive for my future and breaking free of the norms to follow my dreams.  It was a good dream to have in more ways than one.

The second dream was obviously gross.  That is not however to say that it was bad.  From what I have read the dream is likely to be talking about my releasing toxic emotions and considering where I was when that happened and where the fluids ended up I don’t think one needs to be a genius to work out what emotions they are and what has been causing them.

So it really is time to start letting go, rebuilding, looking to the future, maybe I should buy some shades:-)


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