As a youngster I had a gap between my teeth.  As I wanted to be an actress at the time we explored various options for removing it but the dentist said that it would probably need an operation and besides there was a fair chance it would ultimately close up on it’s own.  Which it did.  At least until recently.

For some reason over the last 2-3 years the gap between my teeth has reopened.  It’s like I’ve been thrown back several years in a crazy parallel of the state of my life and affairs.

The honest truth is that I do feel like I’m starting my adult life over.  I have little more certainly now over who I am and what I want than I did as an adolescent,  in some ways possibly less.  Though what I lack for in awareness of who I am and what I want I make up for in fearlessness.  I have survived the kicking that life has given me and I have come back fighting.

I hope that this time, instead of following the path well travelled, I will take the time to explore.  Try new opportunities and do the things that I enjoy.  They say that youth is wasted on the young, that may well be true and though I don’t  have my time to live again I do have time and this time I don’t intend to waste it.



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