The strangest and best advise I have ever received.  Start Naked.

Naked of preconceptions.  Naked of ambition.  Naked of pride.  Naked of plans.

Start Naked.

I have spoken a great deal about the positivity of starting over and about how strangely difficult it can be to work out what you actually want when you’ve faced a lifetime of learning what you should be. Of course the reason for this is that we are defined by what we have lived through and how we have been taught.  What we want or think we want can be as much a learned behaviour as cleaning our teeth or eating sweet food after savoury.  We exist only because of that which happens around us.  Who we are we have learned how to be.

You’re enthusiastic about that because you’ve always been told you were good at it.  You’re afraid of trying this because that teacher in school was mean. You won’t do that because one of your friends once laughed at you for it.  You wear that because you were told it would make your waist look smaller and you eat that because you were told it was good for you.  You watch that because everybody does, you listen to that because it’s always on the radio.  You read this because it’s supposed to be very good and you want to go because your friend said it was amazing.  Horror of horrors you want one of those because it’s fashionable and one of those because it’ll make you look cool.

The only way to truly start over is to start naked.

As if new born.  Uninfluenced.  Clear sighted and open hearted.  Without fear or prejudice.  Without any concept of fashion and the ‘way things are done’.  No notion of culture or creed.  No idea what you’re supposed to think or where you may end up.

The new born have no notion of self.  They see themselves as an extension of everything around them.  They are in the world and the world is in the them.  They live in the moment.

Start Naked.  Be new.

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