So…I started a new plan today.  I always said that I would structure to my day.  I always said that I would need to work on writing daily if I hoped to improve.  I always said that I would need to get out into the fresh air everyday.  What I haven’t always been doing is making that make sense and feeling like I’ve been making the most of my time.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get up early in the morning,  generally around six-thirty to join Pete in the kitchen after he’s had his shower, I’m not laying in bed half the day and expecting to become a genius of a writer by having well written books close to my bed.  I do also have other goals for my day that are not writing related.  I have hopes for improving my fitness which, like it or not, is time consuming and I am doing the house-wifely chores since I am at home.  I work the bread-maker and I bake cakes too.  And don’t forget also that to be a good writer you need to do a lot of reading, see how it’s done,  read well constructed narratives and sentences and expand your vocabulary.  You also need to find time to know what’s going on in the world too and inspire your curiosity because if your mind isn’t active it can’t be creative.  So I don’t spend all day writing but what I tend to find is that I get some good work done and then I loose track of where I want to go next and I waste hours of the day staring at an incomplete story of faffing about on social networking to distract myself from my incomplete story until the day in gone and I feel like I’ve acheived nothing.

Today I started on the New Plan.  The New Plan is a fluid way of structuring my day while avoiding the pitfall of staring at the computer for lengths of time without acheiving anything.  The New Plan is this:  write for an hour at a time.  How simple is that?   And the best thing is that it appears to be working, leave a struggling narrative to do some yoga and suddenly it’s not struggling.  Leave while you have a head of ideas and be excited to start jotting them down and of course it leaves plenty of time for everything else that I want to do with my time.

It may need some fine tuning…but today I am feeling very positive.



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