A few months ago, I don’t remember exactly when, I was going into work on the train, I don’t remember exactly why.  What I do remember is that all of a sudden I noticed that we were rolling past a graveyard.  We must have done it a thousand times before but for whatever self-absorbed reason I had not seen before.  It was big too many, many graves, going back some years judging by the distorted angles at which some rested.

While staring at all the graves and looking at the people on the train it occurred to me that over the thousands of years that human kind has been in existence there have been far more millions and billions of lives than are currently walking the earth.  More people have died on this planet than are currently alive.  The earth is in part made up of the dead.  We are a recycling ball of living energy,  bodies becoming compost becoming trees.  As much as death is inevitable is also ‘normal’ for want of a better word even necessary.  Life is perilously short.

At the time, on the train, speeding to work, I started laughing.  I started laughing because life is short and miraculous and rare and we waste it being miserable and angry and chasing futile, earth-bound goals that have little hope os making reparation for the trials we put ourselves through to achieve them.  We trudge in the footsteps of our ancestors, dealing out what we have been dealt because is was good enough for us while failing to think about our dubious definition of the word good.  It seems to me sometimes that we all live our lives vengefully dealing out what we have been dealt to maintain a status quo that fails to make us happy.

I’m thinking about that today while reading about the events in London yesterday.  I’m thinking about it because getting angry and being vengeful and starting wars is all part of the same thing.  It’s what we’ve always done.  Mankind has fought many bloody battles in the name of some imagined principal that the history books will not remember.  So I’m looking at anyone (truly anyone, on either side of this conflict, on either side of any conflict) with anger and hate and war in their hearts and I’m asking why not try something different?  Why not stop being angry and let it go?  You will never convince everyone to agree with you and you don’t need to.  Even if you could, support won through fear is no support at all, it is a shield to hide the resentment that one day will bubble into more hate and more violence.

There has always been war.  If we do what we have always done we will get what we have always gotten.  Nothing changes no matter the victor, just the faces and the flags.  Try something different.




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