I meant to write a new post yesterday but the day seemed to evaporate and leave me with no time.

I woke feeling down and took a rather lovely walk in the rain around the farm which woke me up and left me feeling energised but between that and the time that I managed to spend gazing out through the door building up to the decision to go walking in the first place half of the day disappeared.

I went to an engagement party at the weekend where I survived a champagne toast (have I mentioned how much I love fizz?) and was sponsored by a lovely lady called Andrea.  I also managed to survive a trip to my parents.

I’m not lying to you when I say that I’m not sure that I have spent more than a few moments with my parents sober since I moved out of the house.  My father is generally a bad influence in that regard and given how much my parents and I can argue I was anxious to spend time with them without a drink.  The last time I tried, my husband declared that he would drive and poured me a glass of wine himself.  I was surprised to discover that spending time with my parents sober was reasonably restful.  This could be in part because while at home writing and practicing yoga I have become a much calmer person.  It could also be in part because it was a warm day and my poor husband was tired and so as soon as we’d eaten he just wanted to stretch out in the sun and rest his eyes and so I joined him.  Indeed another influence could be that fact that my parents themselves weren’t arguing,  that’s not to say that we did not have any kind of serious conversation at all but it all seemed to be calm rather than furious.

Again I find that the temptation appears to be less in social moments and more in quiet moments when I’m feeling down and I think about things that might cheer me up.

8 days left…..£30 to be raised before I hit my target.  Go on, if you haven’t sponsored yet, do it now.  If not for me and my boozelessness for the folks who will benefit from the air ambulance service in the coming months.




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