I nearly mistyped ‘fan’ as ‘fab’ and what a perfect slip that would have been for fab it most certainly is. Throughout yesterday and this morning I’ve been devoting my attentions to that pesky issue of promotion. It is not enough, oh no, to publish a book, one also needs to encourage folk to read it. Self-promotion is hard, it’s hard to know where and how to promote yourself, but in the last 24 hours I’ve started to make contacts, to talk to people and to put myself out there and the crazy thing is that I like it. It’s fun.

The hurdle to leap over is the one that tells you you are a deluded twat who will never be taken seriously. The voice in your head tells you you’re being an egotist to believe your work is good. Once you stop listening, allow it to continue to blather but shut out the words, promotion is fun and people are nice and it’s all rather exciting.

I may get myself some business cards;-) In the mean time, come like me on Facebook:-)


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