It’s odd the psychological impact that creating an author page on Facebook had on me, I reached the computer this morning with a profound awareness of a day ahead to be filled constructively with a goal in mind.

I applied for a job on Elance to ghost write a book on Chinese Metaphysics, there is a resonance there to my educational background which I noted as I applied, but I was weary of competing with those with far more experience or those who’ll work for pence. My proposal was simple and direct and while I told myself that I couldn’t possibly get the work somehow some part of me knew that I would. I found myself thinking about my interview for my first ever job, I was tired, grumpy and (I thought) pretty blunt and not trying very hard and suddenly I had a job.

I’ve spent all afternoon trying to get the detail into a more readable format. There was an awful lot of detail. I’m mostly happy but I need Pete home to set up the printer so I can look at the original next to my version and make sure I didn’t miss anything and to go through it all for typos. I’m knackered.…paid work.

I’m won’t allow myself to be excited. It’s one job and until my client comments I don’t know how well I’ve performed. But…somewhere in the pit of stomach there is a little germ of a seed of satisfaction. I’ve done some paid work. Wow.

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