It’s been an eventful few days. On Friday morning my boy dog was taken to the vet to have his teeth dealt with, by dealt with I mean he had most of them removed. The second he was gone I missed him and while trying to occupy myself I found my first paid work as a ghost writer. The deadlines were tight and I was forced to work hard to meet them, my boy came home to me that afternoon and I was too busy to spend much time with him. Pete was a hero all weekend caring for our poorly dog and keeping me fed while I poured all my resources into this first exciting opportunity to earn money doing what I love. I was challenged and exhausted and proud and excited but in the midst of it all I had a secret fear…I’ve always been very bonded to Rosco, out of the two dogs Kerry favours Pete and Rosco has always favoured me, I was worried that my boy dog was starting to turn to Pete rather than me. As much as I was grateful to Pete for taking care of my responsibilities while I was so absorbed I was jealous that my Ross was becoming his dog.

Last night I managed to take a few hour off. I was able to stop working by five in the afternoon and take some time to enjoy myself. After a few drinks at the pub we came home and ate in the garden, we’ve been sleeping in a tent in part due to the weather and in part as Rosco’s mouth is still prone to bleeding and he’s used to sleeping in the same room with us, a room which has cream carpets. After supper and a bath Pete decided to watch some television while I wandered between him and the outside world, checking my e-mail and social networking with a feverish impatience, when I finally settled in the tent I noticed Rosco with me while Kerry remained in the house with Pete. My Ross following like shadow all the while, he was still my boy; it had never been Rosco favouring Pete, it had been me not having the time for him.

The trick in life, I think, is to find the time and the discipline to pursue our dreams without sacrificing time and energy for the people we love. Today I think I pulled it off; I managed to be a wife and a writer and a mum to my dogs all at the same time. In the days moving forward I know that is a balance I need to keep; there will be days when I work hard but they must be offset against days when I focus purely on my relationships. Balance is hard in our busy lifestyles but we all need to find it, not just so that we give our loved ones the care and attention they need, but also for our own selves, to remember that we are loved and to feel complete.

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