I like to write in the first person.  I find that when I’m in a character’s mind and I know how they’ll think and what they’ll say the words come easier.  The whole creative process falls into place and even when I’m confused about where to go next (I’m rubbish at structuring storylines)the voice will help to carry me through.  Sometimes it feels like the stories write themselves.

The downside to this is the work involved in finding the right voice.  If I can’t find the voice, if the characterisation (I’m British, shoot me but I ain’t using a ‘z’ in that) isn’t working then a whole story can fall flat on it’s face.  I had planned to have another novelette finished by the end of last year but I couldn’t do it.  I had a tremendous idea but I couldn’t make it fly.  I couldn’t find my character’s voice.  I didn’t know who she was or how to relate to her and if I couldn’t then how on earth could anyone else.

This year, out of nowhere, while cleaning the bedroom, she ‘arrived’.  A few words popped into my head and the words became a paragraph and by the time the paragraph was written I knew who I was writing.  I’m not saying that the words are flying onto the page, and of course it’s still hard work, but I know her now.  The characters around her changed as her personality came into focus.  Suddenly I don’t, as is often the case, just have an awesome idea, I have the beginning of something real and it all started with a believable and relatable character.


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