Ever since I left full time employment and started to work for myself, I’ve developed an increasing fixation on my health. I thought, with the time to really devote to it, I would finally be able to get thin. It turns out that I may have been mistaken in this apprehension and one way or another, it has been impressed upon me that my focus on being healthy was, well, somewhat unhealthy.

Over the last few weeks I have decided, therefore, to let it go. I still eat more than my five a day most days but I now have a stash of dark chocolate too, my daily yoga practice has been foreshortened, I’ve stopped flogging myself on the running machine and I no longer go for a 45 minute hike everyday. I attend two yoga classes and a pole dancing class a week and generally once or twice in the week I go cycling and/or spend some time working in the garden so I’m still getting a healthy amount of exercise. I’m pleased to say that although my US size 4 capris are a little tighter than they were, they still fit, so the impact on my health, thus far, appears to be minimal. So what is it that I have learned?

1) I am more than capable of devoting half my day to excercising and weighing my food. That is an unhealthy preoccupation.

2) When I’m not devoting half my day to excercising and weighing my food, I write more and do more housework and take better care of the garden, basically because I have loads more time on my hands.

3) Exercising for two hours a day has made me neither happy nor skinny nor body confident.

Today I potted some basil plants.

Today I potted some basil plants.


4) There are far better things to do with your time than exercising for two hours a day and weighing everything you eat.

I can’t guarantee that I will never go back to excercising for two hours and day and weighing everything I eat. At least not the weighing everything I eat part. However looking at the other side of the fence has been enlightening.

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