On Friday, the midwife commented that I was doing really well.  She’s not said anything like that before.  I was pleased but it didn’t mean much to me.  Until I started to look on the Internet.

I’ll be 38 weeks tomorrow, apparently that means that I should be feeling really uncomfortable.  Apparently I should be struggling to sleep.  I should have aches and pains and swellings and be desperate for all of this to be over.  I should be gagging for the baby to make an appearance.

I’m not feeling any of those things.  I feel fine.  I sleep fine.  I manoeuvre fine.  I admit that I lounge around in bed for far longer than I probably should but much of that comes from a desire to indulge myself while I still can.  I do have terrible gas, the heartburn continues and I am still occasionally sick.  But that’s been true for months so I can hardly start complaining about it now.

The only new symptom I have is occasional lower back and stomach pain which has lasted a few hours and then passed on a couple of occasions now.  I suspect it may have something to do with the baby dropping lower into my pelvis and my body getting used to the changes.  That’s it.  Otherwise I feel absolutely fine.

I’m also not in a hurry.  Yes, I admit that I do think about labour and the birth a lot.  It’s hard not to and I do feel like my life is just building up to that but I’m not impatient for it. The baby can come in it’s own sweet time which I genuinely think is unlikely to be for another two or even three weeks.  I’m actually pretty relaxed.

All of this makes me worry that I might be a bit wierd.

I’m quite happy to accept that the babies of first time mothers usually engage a good two weeks or more ahead of the birth and that at my last appointment my bubs wasn’t quite there yet.  I’m not bouncing up and down on my big inflatable ball or manically drinking raspberry leaf tea and eating curry.  I might start getting into that kind of activity from 39 weeks or maybe 40 weeks as I’d rather not be induced but until then I’m happy to continue as we are.  It’s my wedding anniversary on Saturday, I don’t mind toasting it with dandelion and burdock.

This baby is going to make an appearance one way or another.  What’s the hurry?

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