New beginnings

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills.’ – Ernest Hemingway 

Hello, good evening and welcome to my blog.  It’s a been a few long years since I last put fingertip to keyboard and the excitement is palpable.  It’s been so long that all the publications, I used to write for, no longer exist.  If you ever read the old blog, bless you, well done, I’ve no idea whether this will offer more of same because I can’t remember what I wrote about before.  An awful, awful lot of water has gone under the bridge since then.  The coming weeks and months are likely to be little more than a splurge of the inane ramblings of my mind.  A mind, that if you read, is likely to be exposed in all its glory.  I am nothing if not honest. 

The truth is that coronavirus has really worked a number on me.  In a matter of months, I’ve turned from a (mostly) happy yummy mummy who spent her days running around the dining table shouting ‘fee fi fo fum’  and making copious amounts of cloud dough, into a giant ball…no, that’s a lie… a teeny tiny, pint-sized ball of unfulfilled….(gesticulates wildly searching for a good word and settles upon….) EVERYTHING.  It’s like a kind of coviderangement has set in.  I have returned to my teenaged self, my head bursting with thoughts, and the only sane thing to do appears to be to write them all down before I explode. 

It is possible that some of this may be due to the fact that I have had the virus and, for me, it was a nasty cold.  No temperature, no breathlessness, just a blocked-up nose, a loss of sense of smell and a bit of a tickly cough.  While people younger than me are dying and suffering long term health implications, I had a cold.  I’m sure that there are probably far more like me, and I am in no way special, there is, nevertheless, a tremendous feeling of ‘there but for the grace’.   If I’m still here, whole and hale, I feel that allowing myself to continue to drift through life is no longer an option.  I need to embrace the possible. I need to embrace myself, right or wrong. Maybe the crazy girl was always here, maybe I just hid her away at the back of mind and now she’s come out to play again.  I do hope you like her because she doesn’t seem to want to go back. 

As a result, you can look forward to a feast of my thoughts and feelings on a multitude of different subjects.  I’m fairly sure that I should be working to build a ‘brand’, if I want people to pay me again, but I firmly believe that a good writer can write about anything, in any tone, that their client desires, so I’m not writing this to showcase what I can do.  It is entirely a self-indulgence, a therapy, if you will.  An opportunity to express myself. 

Welcome to me.