Underwear is Everything.

Yes, I know, I’ve heard the news. Women have enjoyed the freedom of working from home, no more do they want to be tied to the shackles of uncomfortable underpinnings. Our relationship with underwear is changing. Here’s the thing though, underwear always had to fit with a variety of requirements. It never was a one type fits all affair and it should always have been comfortable. The bra you wear, whether plunge or push up or t-shirt can change the whole look of an outfit and it can change how you feel too. Never labour (I’m British remember, we spell things differently) through a day in the wrong panties, your underwear is the beginning of your journey and it always has to be right.

That’s not to say that you have to wear a t shirt bra because you’re wearing a t shirt. That’s not even to say that your bra has to match your panties, but, for me, if my underwear is drab and dreary, I feel a little bit drab and dreary too. For a long time it didn’t seem to matter. My children were born less than two years apart and life was fraught, as long as I was comfortable, I couldn’t have given two hoots about what I was actually wearing. But they’re older now. Both will be in school next year and I have a bit more time to think about me. As I become a bigger priority in my life, so my underwear has become a bigger priority too…just as it used to be, and I can’t tell you how much that has changed how I feel.

Yesterday, it was a dusky pink and pretty set. The panties were perfection, so comfortable I could have been commando. The bra was a plunge with lace running up the back with a little clasp at my neck. With the girls properly lifted my tummy looks brilliant, there’s always room for improvement, I would like a smaller waist and the little man did stretch me a bit on his way into the world, but to look in the mirror and like what I see is an indescribable feeling after two pregnancies.

Today, it’s a black lace body which shows off my bottom perfectly. I didn’t even know I had a nice bottom before I bought this but hey ho, you learn something new every day. Tomorrow I’m thinking of this little red balconette that makes me feel amazing. Of course, over the top of these, I’ll throw on some leggings or some jeans, my hair will probably be scraped back into a pony tail because I won’t have had time to wash it, let alone style it. The likelihood is that no one will even get to see what lies beneath because I’ll be in my PJs long before bedtime, but I will know it’s there and that is the magic.

My make up may be smudged, I may not always get to look as glamorous as I’d like. I may have a smear of chocolate spread on my shoulder and craft glue dried on my knee but underneath, I am a goddess, and that changes everything.