I am something of a mental electic and there are always a lot of projects that I am working on that may take years to complete.  You can browse through my open projects here and see how I am getting on.


My Werewolf Action Rom Com

This is a bit of fun really.  ‘American Werewolf in London’ is one of my favourite movies ever and this story follows the path of an older wiser american werewolf also called David.

After years of living alone and running with a real wolf pack when his time comes David is tempted back into the world by a ‘discovery’.  The scientist behind it believes his life to be in danger and is protective of the details but David hopes for a cure.

The HereAfter

Out of everything I have ever written of this I am the most proud.  Dealing with issues of self -love, childhood trauma and fate, it is the tale of an unnamed hero who find himself in hell following an accidental suicide.

I am in the process of converting this to a graphic novel/indie comic.

In Pursuit of Passion

This was inspired being reading ‘In Praise of Love’ and is more an intellectual curiosity than a serious written work at the moment. But I question where is passion? Why have we become so cold and apathetic?

Faerie Wars

There is such a thing as Faeries.  But they aren’t beautiful flower faeries or cute little minxes like Tinkerbelle.  They are a collection of tribal nations at war and not all of them care if we get caught in the cross fire.

Cobalt Blue

Imagine a cross between James Bond and Babylon 5 and you’d be starting to get an idea of what this will be. The story would revolve around the concept of xeno-espionage and there would be a lot of gadgets.

The Squelchmans

There are mutated fish people living under the Thames and they eat people. At least there are in this comic book concept.