I’m not sure whether to call this a work in progress anymore.  Having realized exactly how hard it was going to be to find an artist when I couldn’t afford to pay anyone I made the decision to publish the novelette that the comic was based on.  It went to Amazon for kindle this morning.  Woot!

Still would love to do an illustrated version one day or a comic.  So if there are any artists or publishers out there who fancy the job let me know!!


I’m still working on the conversion but what is starting to worry me now is finding an artist.  I have very high hopes of what I want from the art and I can’t afford to pay anyone.  It’s also going to be about a hundred pages long which is a big investment of time for anyone,  someone will really have to WANT to do the art.  In order to try and find that special someone I have made the decision to publish the novelette it’s based on.  Not many people accept submission of 15,000, it’s an odd length so it may well end up being self-published to amazon….

I’m kind of excited about the decision though.


Woot!! Not only do I note than I am pretty virtuous in keeping my website update and working regularly on this delicious piece of work but I’ve also reached my first doublt page spread and didn’t have to adjust anything. It seems I managed to create two new pages in the formal type-up. I’m a little worried that this is reading more like a stage script than a comic script (just mistype to scrappy..bloody subconcious..). Of course this is just the tip of the iceburg. I’ve written 15 pages and the finished article is likely to be pushing 90 but… small triumphs…


Was it just yesterday I was making my last entry in here? Is time somehow slowing?

I have, so far written, 12 pages of script for what is likely to be an 80-100 page comic. What is worrying me at the moment is that I am editting as I go. On it’s own that isn’t a bad thing but there are some sequences that are dependant on a double page spread of images and the more I mess with my dialogue and change the number of pages I’m working on, the more likely it is that those pages could be thrown into disorder. As I’m pleased with the changes I’m making I guess all I can do is go with it and fix any problems as they come up.

I’m seriously giving thought to asking if the original prose can be an appendix to the finished artcle, when and if I find a publisher, as the dialogue is chaging so much and I’m sure a lot of the ‘funny’ is being lost in the conversion. That’s pie in the sky for now though….


This is my favourite piece of work. I am so very proud of it and I’ve come so close to finishing so this project will be my main focus of the year when not working on short stories or articles.

I started work again on Monday. I’ve written an original draft of my ideas on the comic book format into a notebook so on Monday I started to type up the script making amendments as I go. I’m happy with what I’ve produced so far but I know the tricky work is yet to come. There is a LOT of dialogue. I know that I need to cut more words and also to make the images in some sequences more visually exciting. By electing to turn my prose into a comic book I need to recognise that it is the images and not the words that carry the most power. Some of the sequences are great and I can’t wait to see them brought to life by an artist, other’s however are samey and lacking force. I’ll get there.

In a little while I will need to start looking for an artist. I will write an on-line ad and circulate it as well as leaning back on contacts for support. In the mean time I need to keep my creative head on and keep working….


Eager and terrified to get started on this again.  The conversion from first person narrative to prose is enormously challenging.


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