She was lying on her side on the bed supported by cushions.  A dappled light making patterns on the covers, in the sunlight she seemed to glow.


The heat was getting to her.  It was stiflingly hot and still and she was uncomfortable and emotional. It had been a hard day for them both.


He sat beside her and stroked her long hair.  She knew she had been hard work today and she pouted an apology.  It wasn’t her fault, he knew that.  He loved her for going through this for him and he knew she loved him too.


She beckoned for him to lie down beside her and he did, pressing into her back.  Her hair smelled of coconut.  He wrapped his arm around her swollen belly and she placed her arm over it, twinning her fingers with his.  The baby moved under his hand.


The atmosphere was as full as she was; pregnant with joy and expectant of laughter and happy years.  He felt his heart swell in his chest.


There was nowhere else in the world he would rather be.


He knew he wasn’t his father.