She knew there was something wrong the moment he rolled off her.  She wanted to touch him but knew somehow that the touch would be unwelcome.  She pulled the covers up over her breasts.


He lay for a moment catching his breath and then he got out of bed.  He discarded the condom in the waste bin, cleaned his penis with a piece of clothing he lifted from the floor and started to dress.


She watched him in silence.


She thought of how good she had felt just a few moments ago.  Of the heady rush of passion, the thrill at feeling first his eyes on her, then his hands and his lips.  She wondered that something that had meant so much to her could mean so little to him.  What came from nothing had returned to nothing.  She felt something shrivel inside her.


He walked to the door and opened it and then without turning he says:


‘We probably shouldn’t see each other anymore.’


He walks out and closes the door behind him.