The wind was blowing the clouds across the sky. Sun to gloom to sun again in waves. Raven stretched out his wings and allowed himself to be carried along by the air currents. He didn’t for that moment mind where he ended up, only that he was flying free. If he flew fast enough the wind may blow away the sorrows that coloured his heart and soul so that they echoed the aching blue of the sky.

In these moments of adrenaline and forgetting Raven was often tempted just to fly away and never come back again. Maybe he could live in isolation. He had heard that there were those who chose such a path. Or maybe he could land somewhere near the lakes and rivers and allow himself to be lost in the songs of the sirens and water nymphs and drown in their arms until he breathed his last.

But the thought of his fight and his brothers and sisters in arms would creep back into his mind and his heart would become heavy, so heavy that he would fall from the sky like a stone. Plummeting down farther and faster until he crashed to the ground and stood once again on the feet of a man.

He stood tall on his human legs and felt the strength in his limbs. He often wondered that the man could be so much stronger than the bird and yet prey to so many more cares and fears. He could have laughed out loud at how strong and able and quick witted a man can be and yet so vulnerable and so insecure, uncertain often even of who he is and what he stands for. Even when a man has chosen a path, he may have to fight himself daily to stay the course. Raven thought wistfully again of the freedom of the flight before he took to the road by foot.

It was time, once again, for him to return to the hidden village and the battle for the freedom of the people and the lands he loved.